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How to Play Poker?

Poker has two most popular variations – Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Omaha. On PokerMagnet you can play poker online. Players can play poker online with virtual money.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker. You can play poker online on PokerMagnet using virtual money. In Texas Hold’em poker, each player is dealt two private cards at the beginning which are called the hole cards. A total of five community cards are distributed, face up in three stages. The three cards which are dealt one by one after every round (stage) are called ‘flop’, ‘turn’ and ‘river’ respectively. From the five cards on the table, and two of players’ card, every player seeks the best possible poker hand. Texas Hold ‘em is among the most played free online poker games.


Omaha is another favourite variation of Poker which is similar to Texas Hold ‘em Poker. In this variant, players are dealt with four instead of two cards like in Texas Hold ‘em. However, players can only use two cards from the dealt four, and five community cards to create a hand.

On PokerMagnet you can play poker online for free using virtual chips.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo is a highly popular variant of poker, especially in the online poker scene. This is one poker variant that can land a player in the biggest pots when they play poker online with virtual money. Also known as Omaha/8, it is a split pot game where the pot is divided equally among two players – the one that makes the highest qualifying hand, and the one that makes the lowest qualifying hand. The rules are identical to Omaha, except when it comes to the showdown where the pot is divided. Whereas in case of Omaha or Omaha High, only the higher hand wins and there is nothing for the lowest qualifying hand. The entire split of pot and the fact that lower cards are of equal importance is what makes this variant of poker highly popular. It is a highly popular version of online poker, and many people who are looking for big pot wins play online poker for virtual money, especially this variant.

OFC Pineapple

OFC Pineapple, also known as Open Face Chinese Poker is a skill-based and fast-paced variant of poker that is played between two to three players with an entire deck of 52 cards. In this variant, players begin with five cards until each player has 13 cards to make a hand. In this variant, multiple cards are drawn at a time, and during the course of play, each player has to arrange their hole cards in rows to make three poker hands. These hands are arranged in ascending order and are called top, middle and bottom hand. Players can play OFC pineapple variation of online poker with virtual money.


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